Coalition Against Trafficking In Women – Asia Pacific (CATW-AP)


About :

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women is an international network of feminist groups, organizations and individuals fighting the sexual exploitation of women globally. Sexual exploitation –especially prostitution and trafficking– violates women’s human rights and is a severe form of discrimination.

CATW or The Coalition brings international attention to trafficking in women and girls, prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, and bride selling, mainly through campaigns and policy advocacy.CATW has a CATEGORY II CONSULTATIVE STATUS under the UN Economic and Social Council since 1989.

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women – Asia Pacific is part of CATW International. CATW International is organised by regions.

Staff and Board members:

Jean Enriquez – Executive Director
Clydie Pasia – Education, Training and Organizational Development Officer
Gerald Imperial – Administrative Staff


Board of Trustees:

Aurora Javate-De Dios, President
Indrani Sinha, Vice-President
Gettie Sandoval, Secretary
Youngsook Cho, Treasurer (East Asia)
Sigma Huda, Member (South Asia)
Sheila Jeffreys, Member (Pacific)

Virada Somswasdi, Member (Southeast Asia)
Ruchira Gupta, Member (South Asia)
Alma Bulawan, Member (Survivor, Philippines)

Fumi Suzuki, Member (East Asia)
Soka Handinah Katjasungkana (Southeast Asia)
Celia Flor (Philippines)
Jean Enriquez (Ex-Officio Member)

Bipul Thakur (YSAGE)

Contact Us:

For more information on how you can help or be part of the Coalition,
please send us an email at: